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List of things about me

Welcome everybody,

How are you doing? It is a pleasure to offer you a different post of mine.

The second article is going to be literally clear review of my personal interests, favourite things and things that define my identity. Now let's get in it and you also folks feel free to add exactly the same list of favorites.

1. Blood Type


2. Favorite dish of the child years

Crackers, cheese, sandwich-type with peanut butter filling

3. My inspiration


4. Favorite beverage on a icy winter afternoon

Café Royal

5. Favourite Shop

Tractor Supply Co.

6. The phobia I deal with

Ornithophobia – fear/dislike of birds

7. My favorite holiday destination?


8. How often do I change your nail polish?

it depends on the mood

9. Favorite artist

Stacy Angie (Malaysia)

10. Favorite song

Right Here, Right Now

11. Favorite activity that makes me wander off for hours

Seaglass collecting

12. The year of the best birthday I have ever had

Last year, had so much fun with my parents

13. One of the most important book in my room

The Riftwar Cycle

14. Skin care

Hourglass Cosmetics

15. Monthly read

Curious George.

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