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Hello everybody!

In the first place I must say thank you for coming over and choosing to read my new blog. I'll tell you some more information about my life. I am just a normal chick. I am 18 years old. I have Japanese origins. This blog and writing a blog in general is just my hobby, my major activity is crafting.

I made the decision to start the 1st blog, because I'm great addict of girlish stuff and so I really think my advices can help for some of you. Like I mentioned earlier and the name of this blog suggests, this is blog loaded with reviews, hair tips and tricks, revitalizing solutions, massaging techniques and perhaps even human relationship and weight loss tips and advice. I like you to be aware that I am not a legitimate skilled professional, but yet I am always learning and believe that I can provide you some great tips.

What are you waiting for, go on and begin reading my articles! Have a blast! And feel free to email or leave some feedback or perhaps opinions to some of my topics.

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